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Established in 1972, SARAD (South African Rates and Data) has long been the leading resource for media, marketing and advertising professionals in South Africa. Concise and up to date data directories, offering an extensive collection of media contacts and current rates, are supplemented with dedicated media buying and selling tools to streamline the efficacy of advertising in the mainstream media.

Over 750 publishers, 3,500 publications and 14,000 media contacts are listed, together with current and historical rate cards and circulation figures, offering you an efficient , 'arm chair' solution to your marketing, publishing or advertising requirements.

Media buyers and sellers are now able to identify relevant and cost effective domains, be it on the internet, in a newspaper or magazine or on radio, which are applicable to a targeted market. As we all know, ads are only efficient if they reach the intended market.
Ultimate Media Directory
SARAD Media Directory & Planning Software V2.7 SARAD Version 2.7 Web

The 'Rolls Royce' of media buying and planning in South Africa is the new SARAD V2.7 Web, which comprises the most comprehensive media directory available on the market today.

Support-free web based software which provides detailed information on the newspaper, publication, radio station, magazine or publisher most relevant to your targeted advertising campaign - the SARAD V2.7 Web has been specifically designed to ensure optimum brand exposure and associated business growth and development.

Compile cost effective media options and instantaneous professional reports from over 2,500 detailed titles, publishers, radio stations and e-media listings featured on a 41 year old daily updated database. Search, sort, report and export. Search, sort, report and export.

Browse over 14,000 current media contacts, collated by a dedicated research team, including editors and advertising, sales and creative personnel and discover a host of important key features:

  • Original historical & year relevant publisher rate cards. Over 7,500 PDF rate cards on database.
  • Current and historical circulation figures
  • ABC certified publications & online updates
  • ABC stats updated 7 days from release
  • Concise demographics
  • Living Standards Measure (LSM)
  • Over 200 search categories
  • Instantaneous professional report generation
  • Radio coverage maps (copy and paste)
  • Community, local and national newspapers
  • Community, local and national radio stations
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Advanced sort functionality
  • Save searches
  • Full Microsoft export functionality
  • +3500 titles, 750 media owners, 14,000 researched
    contact database



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