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The Present

South African Rates and Data

October 01, 2009 is known as the day SARAD was reborn. SARAD was subject to a buyout and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Paromix Investments. With it came a new vision.

" to become South Africa's foremost media and e-media resource and solutions company"

The new Directors wanted to harness the intrinsic value of SARAD's 37 years of history and invest in change and development suitable to take the company into the future together with its new vision.
Industry was consulted, all aspects of various markets were researched as the company embarked on a multimillion rand development campaign.

The results were phenomenal, our SARAD software was enhanced and redeveloped with advanced functionality. Some of our offerings are unique to SARAD in South Africa and invaluable to media planners alike. Our new product range was also launched to cater to a broader spectrum of users.

Secondly, our entire website and platform was redeveloped from infancy. SARAD now offers a free web based directory and search facility where all our listings and rate cards are freely available and all South Africa's publishers and publications are showcased locally and internationally.
The SARAD journey into the future of media and e-media has truly began.

SARAD first opened for business in 1972, started by a person named Barbara Adams, it grew quickly to being know as the "Bible" of the media industry.
SARAD has been housed in several buildings in Johannesburg and Randburg through the years. Starting near End Street and later moving to the Frank and Hirsch building just off Nugget Street. Barbara then moved the company to a house near Cresta Centre in Randburg, which was sold to developers who constructed a new building now being used by Prestige Cleaning services.

In 1998 the executives of KreditInform bought the company from Barbara who has since retired and moved to Natal.

With KI taking over the business a lot of work was been done to transfer the product from a book format to a cd based digital format. Using the specialised skills they had as a giant backbone for digital information.

October 2009 saw the rebirth and new dawn of SARAD. SARAD was bought by Paromix Investments and with came the new vision.

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